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Wireless Access Points with DHCP contained within the wireless network.

We've been using the D-Link DAP-2360 access points for years.  
It seems like it's time to move on from this model and, the last time I tried, I found that this model has features not duplicated on others.
Also, since we've moved the network to a domain, there may be things we could do moving forward.

Some unique things / facts:
1) The access points are on site subnets.  Each one is separate.  Not too important but just so that's understood.There is one access point per site.
2) All wired devices, including these access points, have manually-entered, static IP addresses.  There is no DHCP service on the wired network.
3) The access points provide DHCP for the wireless devices.
4) We don't want the access point to light up and start providing DHCP service to the wired network!
5) We do want to assign IP addresses to MAC addresses on the wireless network from the access points.

So, this DHCP capability seems somewhat unique and we've been relying on it to maintain our network structure.
It should be clear that commodity routers won't do the job.

Any suggested devices that would let us continue this arrangement?
It's not something that's easy to find out - so experience may be the best bet.
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