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Sharepoint 365 Quick launch links and user permissions not working properly

On a Company Sharepoint 365 site I am an adminsitrator (see the screenshot for the settings that I can see).

the problemn is that I am unable to have the quick launch links hidden from people or groups who do not have permissions on the link landing page.

So if I have a quick launch link that point to page 1 and I have set page 1 to be shared only with group 1, even the member of group 2 can see the links; however when members of group 2 land on the page they see a message saying that they do not have permission to see the content. this mean that my permission are correct but why I am unable to hide quick launch lnks?

Can be that my Company is "customizing" these behaviours and even if an administrator I cannot change it?

As a note... I am totally new to SharePoint administration and the site has been created by my work company who then set me up as an admin on it
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Massimo Brillante

8/22/2022 - Mon
Massimo Brillante

Anyone answering ?
Scott Fell

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Massimo Brillante

Thanks Scott that is really helpful; will audience targeting overwrite other permissions like File permission. What I mean is if I set permission from settings and group A does not have view permission, group A members still see the nav link. Assuming that audience targeting will solve my problem, for Link1 should I just use audience targeting and discard settings permission? I am not sure who superseed what if any

I hope the above make sense because I am not sure if I understood SharePoint permission in the first place :-)
Scott Fell

All I can do is experiment. I have access to an online sharepoint but don't use it other than for housing files. You can do the same. Create yourself a test site and experiment. That is how I would attack it.
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Walt Forbes
Massimo Brillante

I would do the same but unfortunately is my work SHarePoint site and I know it sopund strange but I have been asked to manage it but they did not give me "full" admin access and I am in discussion for having a "dummy" user to use for testing with the different group permissions; anyway you pointed me in the right direction with your link, so thanks