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Want to run a utility to check for disk health every week on Windows 7 pro

Computer:  HP z440
Operating system:  Windows 7 Pro
Question:  I want to check all drives for bad blocks every week.  I want to automatically run a utility each week.  
Q1.)  Why would chkdsk be the best utility to use?

Q2.) If chkdsk is the best utility then what commands should I put into a batch file to run chkdsk ?  I am not a batch file expert.  Please include ALL the commands you would put into a batch file (like echo off or cd or whatever you think are best)  Do not assume I know what to do.  May be you could share a file you use.

Q3)    What are the best chkdsk switches to use?  /f and /v?   or something else?

Q4.) What utility is better than chkdsk?
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