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Is this the right sequence of Git commands for this scenario?

So, here's what's going on. How do you utilize Git in this scenario in a way where I'm being smart in preserving my work, while at the same time moving forward.

I push "final-activity-stream" up to Github
I do a pull request
the base branch has been updated
my team lead has made some edits to my code
he recommends a rebase

So, here's what I'm thinking as far as what I'm going to do "Git-wise." Tell me if this is on point...

'code-cleanup" is the base branch. I'm going to check that out locally and do a "pull" so everything is up to date
checkout "final-activity-stream," and create another branch off of it, just so I've got a copy of the work that's been done thus far
go back to "final-activity-stream" and do a pull so I've got all of the edits and changes my team lead has done
do a rebase, which means I'm resetting the base branch of "final-activity-stream" to the newest and coolest version of "code-cleanup." To do that, I'm going to "git rebase code-cleanup."

How's that sound?

First of all, I'm going to do a "pull" create another branch off of my local "final-activity-stream," just so I've got a copy of what I've done so far
Next, I'm going back to my lo

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