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Certificate Services AIA Location error

Hi All,

I am setting up a 2 tier PKI environemnt with two server core 2016 servers following this guide. https://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0001312

I have more or less got it up and running but I am hitting a snag with the AIA location for the offline ROOTCA. Within pkiview (from the management pc) it tells me it cannot download the file: ////TEST-ROOTCA_TEST-ROOTCA-CA.crt

Within the extensions tab the AIA has the following locations:

C:\Windows\system32\CertSrv\CertEnroll\<ServerDNSName>_<CaName><Certificate Name>.crt
ldap:///CN=<CATruncatedName><CN=AIA,CN=Public Key Services,CN=services,<ConfigurationContainer><CAObjectClass>

However If i navigate to the Certenroll folder on the root server I can see the cert in there. I have attached snippets of a few screnngrabs showing the error, and the settings / troublseome cert.

What am i missing?

Windows 10AzureWindows Server 2016* certificate services

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