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SCCM Boundaries and Boundary Groups and DP.

SCCM  Boundaries and Boundary Groups and DP.

In the scenario where I have Boundary based on IP Subnet ( then you add the Boundary to a Boundary Group then you add the Boundary Group to Distribution Point.

At this point:
1- if I already have computers in that subnet ( witch SCCM Client Installed then I deploy OS Task Sequence   to a Collection of devices that are in the subnet  (, will Computers in the subnet ( get the OS deployed to them? I believe they will get the OS based on whether the Install will run from Software Center or PXE boot or from bootable  media.

2- if I have computers in the subnet (, but do not have SCCM client and are not discovered yet (Unknown computers), then deploying OS Task sequence to the unknown computers. Will the unknown computers get the OS?  I believe computers will get OS through PXE if the subnet ( is configured in DHCP for PXE, or through Bootable media.

*My point on this question is to understand that Boundary based on IP Subnet has no relevance  with the Subnet used in DHCP when configured for PXE boot .
Assuming they are the same subnet.

3- another thing that I want to understand, if we need to distribute content of Task Sequence to DP.  I have tried it, but the wizard never showed the DP, and when  I go to DP contents to see if the TS is already there, then I cannot see it...  Was wondering if Distributing Content of TS is not necessary even though the option is there.

Thank you

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