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Can't see emails in PST file

I have an odd problem that came up with something that should have been pretty routine.  I am running Outlook 2016 with an IMAP account.  I did an export of the entire account to a PST file.  I have then opened the PST file in Outlook, but I can't see any email in it.  I see all the folders with the blue numbers telling me how many haven't been opened.  When I try to open a folder, I get the message: "We didn't find anything to show here".

I can do a right-click on the "Outlook Data File" an then Data File Properties, Folder Size and I see the folders with sizes that are in the right ballpark (largest is 2.8G).  The file is listed as an "Outlook Data File", not "Outlook 97-2002 Data File", so I don't think size is an issue.  Total size of the file is about 3.2G.

I have run ScanPST on the PST file (numerous times) and the results are the same.  The third pass of ScanPST resulted in a message: "Only minor inconsistencies were found in the file. Repairing the file is optional.  To repair it, click Repair", but there is no "Repair" option.  The only clickable button is "OK".

In the log I have 15 errors similar to: ??Couldn't find BBT entry in the RBT (7C176E) and 31 similar to: Failed to add row to the FLT, irow = 8374, RowID = 242404

I copied the PST to a different computer that is running Outlook 2019, ran ScanPST several times, with similar results.

The mail isn't absolutely critical, but there are a handful that I would like to retrieve.

Any thoughts on how to access this would be appreciated.

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Thank you!  That did it.

I assumed (incorrectly) that once it was exported to a PST, it was no longer related to IMAP.
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