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Using PowerShell to replace text in a set of Files

I need a PowerShell script to replace A with B in multiple files. However, A and B are coming in from a separate file and contain comma-delimited pairs. A represents what to replace and B is what to replace it with.

The files to search and replace are all in a specific directory, and all same filetype (e.g. *.SQL).

So, if the file containing the match and replace pairs contains:

And I have 5 files to search, then for each file I would replace Apples with Oranges, Cows with Horses and Yellow with Blue.

Note: The comma-delimited pair file could contain up to 200 pairs.

I've gotten to where I'm reading the contents of the comma-delimited pairs file into an array but I'm fidgeting with proper nesting of all my loops and how to replace each pair within each file.

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