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VBA to Open Cash Drawer via Epson TM-T82

Hi Experts,

I try to make a command button to open an Epson TM-T82 connected cash drawer without receipt printing, I hv insalled Epson Virtual Port Driver Utility for the USB-LPT1 interface.

I hv sourced out some codes from the other thread in Expert Exchange and get it to work.

but however the printer still print a tiny print job, is not obvious if the OpenDrawerButton only clicked once, but if clicks for more then 10 times, the wastage of paper is obvious.

based on the following codes, is there anyway or procedures for the printer not to print but just open the drawer?

Private Sub OpenDrawerButton_Click()

    Dim intFileCom As Integer
    Dim strLine As String
    intFileCom = FreeFile
    strLine = Chr(27) & Chr(112) & Chr(0) & Chr(25) & Chr(251)
    ' Open your printer port.
    Open "LPT1" For Output As #intFileCom
    Print #intFileCom, strLine
    Close #intFileCom
End Sub

p/s  from this command line "Print #intFileCom, strLine" , the printer still print about 1mm of blank paper, but the cash drawer opened, I m looking for some code to do away the 1mm printing.  

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