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any windows 10 driver for EIZO EV2336WFS-(BK/GY) Monitor ?

hi all,

just bought a 28" 4K monitor and currently use with a 21" EIZO old monitor for my home PC, now I found out one thing which is not good, when I move my mouse from the old 21" monitor to the new 28" monitor the mouse move abnormally across the edge, my initial though is, resolution is different so this is normal.

but today I do the same thing by using a laptop screen and this new monitor, this effect is very very less ! so this means sth wrong at the beginning, the Eizo monitor do not detected by windows 10 and windows 10 said it is a generic monitor, I go to Eizo web site and I don't see it relase one.

any way to find that driver  for EIZO EV2336WFS-(BK/GY) Monitor, any way to find it as it is missed from Eizo web site
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