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Global Navigation settings cannot be changed

Dear Experts,

I am the Admin for Site collection created on on-prem SharePoint 2019, and since I started to work on it, I have made myself the owner, primary admin, approver, etc. of this site collection, which was not created by me, but now it is under my care.
Even though I am able to edit the site itself,I am not able to change the Global Navigation settings, even though when I perform the Permission check,  I have the appropriate rights.  This affects everything below, so that I am unable to update any subsites, or their navigation that are inherited from the top. I ended up requesting for access, then approving myself, still no change.  The server has the most recent updates, and has been rebooted.
I have gotten into SharePoint Central Administration site, and checked, and am not able to find anything else that I can do.
How can I remedy this situation?   Please advise.
Microsoft SharePoint

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Walter Curtis

8/22/2022 - Mon