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Fortinet firewall issues

I have an older Fortinet 60B set up at a remote location. Yesterday it decided to spontaneously reboot every hour or so, until finally the last reboot caused it to not come back online. A staff member is on his way there today, but I've already ordered a replacement. My figuring is that it's likely a hardware issue, and even if it's software/firmware, I didn't want to risk applying it remotely (assuming it does come back up).

That being said, I'm open to other suggestions how to remotely troubleshoot this firewall, but my primary question is as follows - I took a backup of the firewall but it's a very old firmware (4.0 I believe) as well as screenshots. I'm more of a GUI person, and from what I've read, there really isn't a way to import a backup to another firewall unless it's the same model (I'm getting a 60E). Any suggestions on what, if anything I can do while waiting for my shipment, to prepare the configuration ahead of time? Thanks.
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Check for power issues.  It may be a bad power whip/power strip. Are there any other devices on the same power location that are working fine?
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Power supplies for FortiGates are known to be failing if getting old, so I agree to above that it is probably that issue here too.

Importing the backup should work. A few settings might fail and need adjustment, but you'll see that only after trying. There is nothing you can prepare in advance, AFAIK.
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Thanks for the help. By the time the manager got there, the firewall officially died, so we couldn't test. I got the new firewall, but wasn't successful with the backup import. Luckily I made enough notes and screenshots that I was able to get the new one up and running yesterday.
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