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moving to Office 365

We have an exchange server 2016 with shared calendars and many shared mailboxes between users and also some email boxes for accounts like sales, info, jobs...
The company decided to go with office365.

I need some opinion about many things related to that.

1. Our email goes first to a filtering company that ships back the email to us using our public address.
2. When the email arrive, 2 servers (one for Archiving using GFI Archiver, and one for CRM Tour de force CRM), so we have two journaling accounts for that. Not sure how we are going to do that with office365.
3. we have like 20 mailboxes that we do not need office account for. They are only mailboxes that we need to lookup info send to us, like customerservice, payables,...

I do not think the company wanted to pay for a license of office365 for these mailboxes.
The CEO wants to keep the filtering company for spams. if we do that, how am i going to set our MX record for that. Our MX record now point to the filtering company which do email continuity for us too.

Any suggestions to do that?
is a hybrid setup required for that?
can i but 2 plans of office365 from Microsoft that will allow to mix and match. (users who would need a full licesne and just mailbox that we do not have to send the full money for it?

Finally, with all this configuration, what is the best solution to move email to the cloud?

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