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Disconnecting AWS VPN Client Endpoints after 8 Hours

I need some assistance architecting a solution that is an automated way to remove Users from an AWS Client VPN Endpoint.

Because AWS charges for connections, I would like to create something that would automatically kick off a User and require them to log back in after 8 hours.

I've been told by AWS Support that this is attainable by using Lambda to check the state of the VPN connection and CloudWatch to execute a check during a given amount of time (say, every 5 minutes).

I am fairly competent with CloudWatch, so really I'm seeking some cose assistance.

The Lambda function would work something like this:

DescribeClientVpnConnections [1] could be used
 IF condition to verify that if the parameter "connectionEstablishedTime" has exceeded 8 hours duration.
 If it has exceeded 8 hours duration then to make another API call "TerminateClientVpnConnections " for that connection.

Does anyone have a good recipe for something like this? It doesn't have to be Lambda, that was just suggested by AWS Support.

Thanks for your help.

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