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Win10 hangs on login screen

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When Win10 boots, I see the first screen that has the time and date over a picture.  Then I hit Ctl-Alt-Del and the background goes fuzzy and hangs.  I have the power button in the lower right hand corner.  See screen shots 1 and 2.

When I try to boot to safe mode, it just continues to load windows.  F8 does nothing.

Can;t get to any screen to initiate a restore, repair or boot to different drive.

This is a developer box with tons of tools loaded.  So I don't want to rebuild unless we have no option.
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disconnect physically from the network and see what happens.

Three sequential boot aborts will trigger the repair mechanism
In the state the picture in blur mode, if you hold the shift key and restart it too will prompt you for mode, safe mode, etc.

disconnect from network will deal with GPO related matter if that is the contributing issue.
I had a similar problem that I resolved by starting from scratch.  I had an EE thread on it:

If you look toward the end, McKnife had a suggestion about scheduling a task for an in-place upgrade.  By the time I got the suggestion, I had already started over.  It may work for you, though.
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nobus - holding the shift key while rebooting has no effect.  The system just reboots and hangs on the fuzzy background.
Shift holding deals with using the OS power/restart option.
If you abort the boot process three sequential times. You will get into the repair mode.
Right after the start of Windows spin, alt-ctrl-del..
nobus, the issue I think is when the screen goes blurry, it does not respond to power off......restart option while the shift key is depressed, as it would prompt the user for what they want the mode to be on restart. The person's comment is after restart nothing changes suggests, a hard reset while the shift key is pressed.
I was able to enable repair mode by aborting the boot process three sequential times.  I then attempted a System Restore.  One from 4/29/2020 which was the update that caused the problem.  That resulted with the exact same issue.  I then attempted from 4/25/2020 and then one from 1/27/2020.  All the restores completed successfully, however the problem still persists.
is this a domain joined computer. see if you disconnect it from the network whether the issue ..

what happens if you wait after trying to login, does it revert back to, goes back to the screen saver mode, or ?

i.e. if you wait 10-20 minutes does it ever display the login interface, or ..?
you can disable the blur :  
To disable Blur on the Sign-in screen in Windows 10, do the following.
Open the Settings app.
Navigate to Personalization -> Colors.
Turn off the option "Transparency effects".
The taskbar transparency effect will be disabled along with the blur effect on the sign-in screen.
The person can not get passed the blur screen' does not get promoted for login view.
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