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RoboCopy across domains with trust


i am trying to copy files from one file server to another but they are on 2 different domains but thier is a domain trust between them... i am trying to use robocopy and i can get it to copy using copy:datso but then i am getting "You dont have access permissions to this folder" on the new file server and every sub folder . if i dont use copy:datso but copyall i get a error

2020/04/29 23:14:10 ERROR 1314 (0x00000522) Copying NTFS Security to Destination Directory c:\archive\
A required privilege is not held by the client.
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Your access rights on the target are...? I guess they are "modify". You need "full" in order to transfer file permissions as well.
You should set the permissions on the root folder to grant you rights, then when you copy the
Not sure you should copy security from the remote side or ownership .
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Hello There

Do you have local admin rights at least?

If you have to copy the owner information, the user copying the data has to be (local) admin on the target machine (simply giving him the "Take ownership" right isn't enough, *setting* ownership requires more privileges).
If you don't require the ownership, simply use /copy:datsu instead of /copyall, this will copy everything except ownership and should be running if the user has full NTFS permissions. 
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Thanks i was able to get it to work with the COPY/DATS option

"Hello There"'s comment should be at least seen as assisted solution as he pointed out that your parameters required privileges on the remote system. I just added info about /u

I would also like to know why you can live without /OU - you are aware that you lose ownership and auditing info that way, aren't you?