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How can I set HIKVISION Thermal Camera to send Mail + Attached Shot when Temperature is above limit?

How can I set HIKVISION Thermal Camera to send Mail + Attached Shot when Temperature is above limit?
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You'll arrange for camera to trigger saving an image or video when your setpoint (temperature) is reached.

Then you'll have a process look for creation of these new files.

When a new file comes into existence, you'll either mail the image/video as an attachment or better mail a URL to this file.

Always better to mail a URL, because this camera can produce some very large output files, which can be larger than SMTP gateway attachment limits, so if you send a message with to large an attachment the message will bounce or be blocked for submission.

So if you take the "mail an attachment" approach, you'll have to build in a fair bit of code to handle recovery from this situation.

If I were doing this, I'd...

1) Setup a simple Apache server.

2) Publish my images/videos into a directory which was the DocumentRoot for some host, say temp.foo.com so some host name + domain name.

3) Track the directory from #2 using inotifywait looking for a CLOSE_WRITE event, which indicates a new file has just been written + closed.

4) Send an email to a notification list with a URL to this new file, for people to review.
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Hi David, could you kindly be more specific about the Trigger? I can access the Camera by using the own Web SERVER or using a Software such as iVMS-4200 (I would avoid this approach if possibile) or using the HIKVISION DVR.
The remaining of your instructions are krystal clear. Thanks.
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