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What happens to existing DHCP leases for/on desktops e.g. if you shrink the available IP range for leases in the scope for that subnet?

Last Modified: 2020-04-30
Thank you in advance for your time and any and all insights.
I have a quick question that might seem straight forward, but I don't often do this
DHCP SCOPE:What happens if we wanted to restrict an existing DHCP scope, e.g. 200 IP lease addresses available with clients picking randomly from entire pool, but only 98 are in use and we want to shorten scope IP lease addresses available to 100. So instead of to to to What happens to desktops that have a DHCP IP of to when I shorten the scope? Do they just get a new one? Do they need a reboot to get it? Do they fall off the network. These are standard DHCP assigned IP's and not reservations or static assignments fyi. Cheers very much in advance.
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Not concerned about IP related links breaking because those are all on the serve side and those are static... this would be strictly desktops...
Sounds like no issues should occur and fix would be (at worst) renew IP on desktop or reboot.

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Explained well by noci.
You dont need to worry about reducing the DHCP as long as the scope covers the number of users require dynamic IP.
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