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Correct steps to add a fourth node to windows cluster with CSV on fiber IBM SAN

Currently we have a 3 node Windows 2012 R2 Failover Hyper-V Cluster. (HVHOST1, HVHOST2, HVHOST3)
Each node has a Qlogic 2 port fiber card that each port is connected to an IBM V5000 Storage Controller.
On the V5000 there are 2 volumes mapped to these nodes, a witness volume and the CSV for the VM's.
Each node also has an iSCSI connection to another CSV on a Windows iSCSI Target Server.
Each node has 8 NIC's teamed
We use System Center VMM (SCVMM) to manage the Hyper-V cluster.

We need to add a fourth node to the cluster.
I've built a Windows 2012 R2 server with the same specs as the other 3 (same nics, qlogic cards, etc)
The server is a member of the domain.
The SAN has been configure to add the host, but does not have the volumes mapped yet (see screen shot - HV-EE-COLSAN.png)
MPIO has been installed (see screen shot - HV-EE-MPIO.png)

My question is, what is the best or only correct method to add this member to the existing hyper-v cluster.  The existing cluster is in production, so please indicate if there will be downtime - I expect none, but just in case...

Thanks very much everyone.
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