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After re-naming RDS 2016 server, error message ""There are no available computers in the pool" when trying to launch Remote Apps

Setting up Remote Apps on Windows Server 2016 in a test environment.  The Windows Server 2016 box is a vm on an ESXi host.  There are NO GPO's currently applied to the server. Bear with me, as this may get convoluted.

When I first set up RDS and published some Remote Apps on this server, everything worked fine.  However, for organizational purposes, I had to change the name of this server.  That's when the problems began.

The first thing I noticed after changing the name of the Server is that in the list of Published Apps, none of the apps I'd previously published are there.  The list is completely blank.  For testing purposes, I selected Paint, and published it.  It shows up as expected as a published app in the list.  No error messages yet.  

When I navigate over to the RDWeb page, I now see ALL the apps I'd previously published before changing the server name.  However, when I click on any of them, I get the error message:

"There are no available computers in the pool."

Huh?  This is a Remote App server.  Not a Virtual Desktop server.  I'm not serving up Virtual Desktops on this box, only Remote Apps.  Why is it complaining about no available computers in the pool?  Of course there aren't any available computers in the pool, I never created any.  The error makes no sense.

To make matters even more confusing - If I click on "Paint" - the app I published after re-naming the server, it opens up just fine.  But none of the other apps open - all of them pop the "no available computers in the pool" error.

Just to add to the mystery here - since the Server 2016 vm is a test box and I can do anything I want to it, I completely removed all the RDS roles, and then re-added them.  I would have thought that would clear any remaining "cobwebs", but nope - same exact issue.  No Remote Apps show up in the list of Published Apps, and when I get to the RDWeb page, all my old apps from the first installation are there.  And I still get the same "no available computers in the pool" error if I try to launch any of them.

Can any RDS gurus point me towards resolving this?  I'd be greatly appreciative.

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