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Repair IP address in domain properties

New Dell PowerEdge T340 running Windows Server 2019 Essentials.
Two NICs on board, so two Ethernet ports on the back.  
Network and Sharing Center reports 3 adapters: NIC1, NIC2, and another named, simply Ethernet.  I'm plugged in to NIC2, fyi.

The properties for the adapter labeled "Ethernet" report a self-assigned IP address,  Since it's not plugged into a network, I understand this IP address.

In Group Policy Management, I select the domain FOO.local.
I select the Status tab, and under Status Details, it reports MachineName.FOO.local is the baseline domain controller for this domain.  Below that, the IP address reported is, not the live connection at  

You'll note this is a baseline controller.  I'm trying to replace an aging Windows Server 2008 machine, and I'm having no end of trouble trying to get the folder redirections to use the new server instead of the old one.  I thought, perhaps, this dead IP address might be part of the problem.

1. Am I correct to worry about this IP address appearing here?

2. How do I repair it?  I haven't figured out where this is declared.  I'm not a DNS expert, and I'm running DNS on the new server.  If there's a repair to be made to DNS, I'll need a step-by-step answer here, or at least a link to a step-by-step answer.

Thanks, Experts!
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