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There is a e-mail address associated with my MS account...

I am a novice - so bare with me. I wanted to install the apple app that allows me to access my Apple I cloud storage from my PC. I clicked on the install link and it brought up a Microsoft login page...…… BUT IT HAD A E-MAIL ADDRESS DISPLAYED THAT IS NOT MINE. So I quit that page until I could investigate more.
I then went to Microsoft Live (I'm assuming this is what was linked to that login page?) and to be safe I did all the security things like setting new password, etc. But strangely there I was able to login using THE CORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS???
Am I confusing one thing with something else???
I want to install the Apple app so I can use Apple I Cloud on my PC but that wrong/unknown e-mail address keeps coming up on that MS login page...….. and I'm not about to try logging in with my password and letting someone else get it!!!
Can someone help me understand what is going on and how to resolve that unknown e-mail address so I can login and get the Apple I Cloud app for PC?
I had been getting messages from MS saying there was a problem with my Microsoft account for a month or two...… but since I do not use that - I just kept ignoring them. Obviously (I think) is that somebody must have hacked my computer and at least got into that MS account.
I just don't understand any of this.
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Are you sure no friends or family ever got behind that PC to quickly check their email or something?
Abuse on your account is easy to solve, reset password, and set MultiFactorAuthentication.

For any unknown email address, if it's logged in already, you can always log out and try again, changing the account to use after that.
If it wasn't logged in, just ignore it and use your own to log in.

If you're really sure no one else uses your computer, then it could be hacked and it's better do a full re-install and make sure you're safe (all OS/software/antivirus up to date, don't open weird files you don't know or trust). If you can't do it yourself, have someone else help you or bring it into a computer shop.


No one has ever used my computer and I don't even use (or ever have had a need to before now) Microsoft store, Live, or whatever...…… not sure what it is anyway. I just see I need it now to get this Apple App?
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

The reason why I want to use the Apple Cloud now is so I can upload the files I want to save before I can no longer save or access them. Then and only then can I consider wiping my machine.

When you login into your windows system, us that the user account?
Potentially when you setup ypur system you used, created a new microsoft account.t
You are going through the windows store to install the iCloud app.

Try this, go to live.com use the email from the image and enter the password you use to login into your computer.then look at the Onedrive and you should see your data as well.


I tried my password for the login (with the e-mail address that is not mine) and of course it did not work.
So HOW is this unknown e-mail address associated with my Microsoft account?
And how  do I resolve it...….. open a new Microsoft account?
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Is the account depicted matches your Windows system login?
"my password" meaning the same password you use to login into your computer?
Go directly to Apple.com and download the installer for iCloud and related packages you want.
Seems like the ms store on the computer, check whether it is linked to your account.


I am choosing to close this question as it seems that it is not going to result in a solution. Not necessarily because of EE experts - but partly due to the fact that much of what is said and suggested is either not applicable or not fully understood by me.

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