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OpenGL 3.2 for HP 8200 Elite i5-2400 with Intel HD Graphics

Hi Experts,

I've just bought the classic (but updated) game FreeSpace 2 from GOG.com, and am trying to install it on my HP 8200 Elite i5-2400 (see attached screen shot for more details) running Windows 10.  There seems to be no graphics card as such, as the device is called: Intel HD Graphics (see attached screen shot for more details).

When I try to run the FS2 Open Installer (fs2_open_19_0_0_SSE2.exe) I get the following error message:
    "Error: Current GL version of 1.1 is less than the required version of 3.2"
(See attached screen shot for more details.)

What are my options for running this game on this PC?
I'd rather not have to buy a graphics card, but might consider a cheap one if that's the only practical option.

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