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ABS with regional settings does not work for decimals

I have a strange issue. I am using the German regional setting of Windows and when I use the following SQL in Access

 Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("Select * From tblImportBankFinal Where LinkId=" & Val(Me.cmbKonto.Column(2)) & " AND Not bReconciled AND bDate=" & cSql(rstBuchungen!bDate) & " AND ABS(bSaldo)=" & Abs(rstBuchungen!bAmtLoc))

I do get the following error:

Syntax error (comma) in query expression “LinkId=106 AND Not bReconciled and ABS(bSaldo)=262,35”

The number is the correct German number decimal format. I have tried to convert to string etc but it does not help as it that case the coma is lost. Any help is really appreciated.
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