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GPO for trusted site problem

Dear All,

           i have created a GPO to add trusted site in IE, but i see that after created this GPO, from client computer IE trusted site, i see is empty, is that normal ?

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is this command change something : 
gpupdate /force

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I still get empty running this command
it’s that not normal ?
It is maybe a normal behaviour, have test ie on client so see if FQDN was taken in account 
how can I test it ? in the trusted site list do I need to enter http://xxxxxx like this ?
Almost example I have seen are in this format yes
I followed with https:// in the front but still show empty in client computer
retry: gpupdate /force on client

I did, changed the site to zone assignment to not configure , I still getting the greyed out in trusted site really not know what happening
Gpo are not applying instantly, so this is maybe what happening here
u mean issue with the GPO ? although changed to not configure for site to zone assignment it’s doesn’t look like it’s applying ? any suggestion I can do ?
i,m able to resolved it, realized there is another GPO with edge has trusted site enable, after disabled i'm managed to add trusted site in client computer now, thanks for your help
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