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schtasks to run in .bat file - questions on "Start the task only if the computer is idle for"

As I've already done recently, I'm again setting up a GPO to run a startup script to generate a task in Task Scheduler.  
Everything seems to be working fine except the command line command for making the Scheduled Task.
Here it is:
schtasks /create /TN "idle logoff" /RU "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" /IT /RL HIGHEST /SC ONIDLE /I 120 /TR C:\Users\Public\Scripts\logoff.bat

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Conditions Tab not setNow, the /I should set the check box for Start the task only if the computer is idle for: and add 120 minutes in the pulldown box, right?
But, it doesn't.
Also, I'd like to set the Wait for idle for: 16 minutes but there appears to be no opportunity using the schtasks command at all.  Well, I can do without that....

Any insights?
Windows 10* task scheduler

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