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What is this type of table called?

Hi all,
Having a lockdown brain moment, whats the type of table called that defines the relationship between records in two other tables?

For example:

if I have two tables:

its a many to main relationship, so I would have a table called project_users, which would be:


which would define which users belonged to which projects

Also, is there a standard way to denote these types of tables, since they are defining relationships, not actually data?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Not sure there is "one" name.  Every DBA/Designer tends to call it what they learned.

In a relational database management system, such relationships are usually implemented by means of an associative table (also known as join table, junction table or cross-reference table)
Juntion Table
Join Table

Different names for the same thing :)
As it stands, linking, junction, join, etc as has been said.

But if you start to add attributes (fields) that describe something about the relationship itself, then it's no longer a linking table per say.

But don't get hung up on the naming....important thing is to get the design right<g>

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Just a couple of notes on "joining" tables.

I wouldn't bother including an id column, instead using the combined foreign key references as the primary key.  I would also recommend adding a defaulted CreatedDate column; it will come in handy later for trouble-shooting.
though a relationship table does not need an id column as it conveys no information.
it, this tables row id, will not be used as a reference anywhere else..

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