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Access a remote computer and take on an IP from that remote LAN on the originating computer

I would like connect to my work computer, and I would like my home computer to take on an IP on the destination network when I connect.
Since I cannot be at work on that network - but I am working remotely - I need to test and connect a network device as if I was in front of my computer at work.
It's a Zebra scanner which needs to take on an IP on the work network.
I need to install software and also connect to network drives as if I was on my computer at work, or on 'a' computer at work on the same internal network.

I currently have remote access to several workstations since I am an administrator, however is there a way using software, that I can connect my home computer to
the remote network, take on a local IP of the destination LAN, and then I can connect to the drives and shares on that network as if I am on a computer at work?

I am not concerned about passing on viruses to the network or other issues since the likely hood of that happening is very low.

Any suggestions for this scenario?

I cannot go to work and install a physical VPN at this point so any other solution is very much appreciated.
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I cannot go to work and install a physical VPN at this point so any other solution is very much appreciated.
Sorry, this is what you need.  You can change your whole home IP scheme, but you're not going to get remote access to your office network.  The only way you could possibly do this is if your ISP gave you sufficient public IP addresses to allow you to re-address all devices on the public internet.  Which, strictly speaking, would be idiotic from a security standpoint.

You may be able to setup a VPN host and then forward ports to it so that you can connect.  If you have a server and are virtualizing it, then your virtual host can run virtual routers / VPN systems and then you can do this.  Hopefully, if you have a server, you have virtualized.  If not, I don't see any way you're going to do this.

And to be clear, it's not JUST a VPN, you need a full tunnel VPN if you want EVERYTHING to see your remote system as being on the same network.

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I need a full tunnel VPN so that I can access everything on the remote LAN -
and ensure that my home PC is on the same network. 
Yes.  I assume that was a question.  Because I've given you the broad instructions for doing it.
You can also connect to remote desktop on your work computer (I hope it has windows pro) and use it likely you are in office
Thanks. The destination computer is Windows Pro however after connecting via RDP it will still not change my computer's IP to a Local Lan that the remote computer is on.
It will not change your computer IP, and it is impossible, but you can work on your remote computer with it's IP
You may want to take a look at TeamViewer with the VPN driver option.

Regarding your Zebra scanner, it may require some experimentation, but if you can get it configured on your home LAN and shared within Windows, it just might be accessible to the remote server hosting TeamViewer VPN.

If the above fails, you could also look into a dedicated software-based VPN solution, such as OpenVPN.
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