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My administrator credentials do not work on Workstations attempting to do downloads.

My administrator credentials do not work on Workstations attempting to do downloads.

Windows 2016 server
Windows 2010 clients
All computers have joined domain

User account corp\thisisme is a member of:
Domain Admins
Enterprise Admins
Enterprise Key Admins
Folder Redirection Users
Roaming User Profiles Users and Computers

When any Windows 10 client in the company goes to do a download/installation, it prompts for  administrator credentials (as it should). When we enter credentials for corp\thisisme, it does not work. If I enter credentials for corp\administrator, it works. Can anyone shed any light on this, please?
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Are any of those groups you are part of inside the "Adminstrators" group of the machine?

check which groups you are a member of and whether the local workstation has one of those groups of which you are a member in its administrators security group?

on the owrkstation, open cmd.exe
net localgroup administrators
The account "administrator" is treated especially, for it, UAC is always off. So if your "download guard" needs elevation in order to function, you have found the reason.

What guard is that?
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can you kindly expand on that? I didn't quite get what you're serving from that end of the net.

try this, while you are loged in with your account, hit the windows key, type cmd.exe right-click on the listed command and select run as admin. does it let your login to run the command window in administrative mode?
If it does not either your account is not in the correct group, administrators on the local system. or it is a member of another group that restricts your account.
it could be that your account is both a member of the administrators group and of the users group.
Based on its membership in the users group, you are barred from elevating.

Downloads do work, right, it's just that you cannot install with your credentials although you should have administrative privileges on that machine. So as advised by others, while logged on as the user who experiences that problem, please verify that you may start something as administrator - right click any executable and select "run as administrator" - what happens then, does windows prompt for credentials and if so, are your admin credentials accepted?
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actually the download does not complete.. It looks like when it is about to save, it asks for credentials.

I did the net localgroup administrators, and all the expected accounts are in there

Now I'm thinking that maybe its a rights issue at the redirected folders
folders redirect to the server, but now I'm thinking that maybe that's not right. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you all, for helping with this...

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