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Event ID 2000

Dell XPS 8930 WinPro1909

Been getting Event ID 2000 (IRMT - CAudioManager::UnregisterMmClientCallbackEvent Unable to unregister default audio device change notification callback, status=0x80070490) periodically and have ignored it. Two days ago, however, when I turned on the machine, it gave me a screen asking for my password, some setup parameters and choices to restart etc (none of which worked). At all events, I shut the machine down, rebooted and all was well. I immediately checked the event log and there was an event ID 2000 listed after the previous shutdown. I guessed the setup screen was an anomaly caused by some timing error in the start sequence of actions. The event ID 2000 returned to the EV yesterday, but the computer started normally, though the shut down was twice as long. Yes, I did the required reading, but much of it was above my pay grade, and, in any case, no solution was offered at the sites I visited. Thanks.
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Thanks, MASQ. Normal audio on PC. Displayport connenctions (two monitors). In sound devices, have realtek as default and Fx SoundEnhancer (which is active and has a small telephone icon imposed on it. Bios is 1.1.7. Loath to update that and add new problems to be fixed. Reakteck Drive is a year old and can be updated. Will see what happens tonight at shutdown and report.
Event ID gone, those I did nothing to mitigate it. Comes again, I'll install latest driver. Thx.