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Old Certificate Server Removal


I have an old Certificate Server that was pulled out of service more than a decade ago. I have a certificate server right now that is working fine, but I’m in the process of adding a wildcard cert. When I did a little snooping I noticed the old server still exist (Gopher) in PKIVIEW, certutil.exe and also in Sites and Services. At this point there is no way I can decommission it properly, can I just delete it from Active Directory Sites and Services > Services > Public Key Services and be done with it?

Entry 0:
  Name:                         `gopher'
  Organizational Unit:          `'
  Organization:                 `'
  Locality:                     `'
  State:                        `'
  Country/region:               `'
  Config:                       `gopher.mydomain.com\gopher'
  Exchange Certificate:         `'
  Signature Certificate:        `'
  Description:                  `'
  Server:                       `gopher.mydomain.com'
  Authority:                    `gopher'
  Sanitized Name:               `gopher'
  Short Name:                   `gopher'
  Sanitized Short Name:         `gopher'
  Flags:                        `1'
  Web Enrollment Servers:       `'

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Thanks for any Help
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