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Getting GPO startup/logon scripts to run and to execute their commands

I'm developing a number of GPOs.  Some of them have computer startup scripts and some create Task Scheduler tasks.
I found, to my surprise, and then not so surprising...., that the scripts had not run or, if they did, they didn't create the Task Scheduler tasks running "schtasks" buried in the script.
It seems that's because no one had logged on with local admin privileges - ever.
Once that had been done, it seems that the scripts ran and the Task Scheduler tasks appeared as was the original intent.

I hadn't anticipated this and now I'm looking for a solution to the rather obvious:
If a workstation is never logged on with a User having admin privileges (or the equivalent), then how does one get the GPO startup or logon scripts and their contents to run successfully?
Or, is the approach to force an admin logon to complete the process?
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