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Install Windows 10 on an external device and boot from it on any computer

I would like purchase Windows 10 Pro and install it on an external device, and boot from it,
I would like to use that external device as a regular computer install program etc.. and then
if needed, attach that device to any other computer so that I can boot from it and use it.
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Simple, use

1. Oracle Virtualbox and create a VM.

2. Use VMware Workstation/Player and create a VM.

3. Use Windows 10 Pro Client Hyper-V, create a VM.

Store the VM on a USB External hard disk!

BUT you will need to INSTALL the above on the other computer....

OR.... Plug in a USB3 external disk drive to a computer and install Windows 10 directly to it....

You could also look at Windows 10 To GO, but it's retired now,  but still can be created to fast USB3.1 flash drives.
Yes, the question is "why virtualize at all".
You could use windows2go, which is a portable, USB based installation. It's not as simple as to start setup and install to an external device, though. You would need special hardware. I could recommend some if you are interested.
As I had the link handy, here's the hardware that is even supported by the windows to go wizard:: 
It's a cheap m.2 ssd to usb adapter which may be equipped with a nice and fast m.2 drive.
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How about using EaseUsTodo Backup, create a clone and boot from that clone using any computer?

You may of course clonw a working windows to another drive, but it won't be bootable when connected via usb - or what did you have in mind? Only windows2go allows that.
SanDisk Extreme Go USB 3.1 64 GB Flash Drive works fine.

these work fine...

We've got a 30 Windows 10 on The Go for Students, and these are one of the fatest USB 3.1 flash drives around...
I thought Windows 2 go isn't supported anymore..
How could I even purchase this if I wanted to"?
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