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Network Path Not Found

My home network consists of the following devices:

A Dell desktop computer named DESKTOP-4AI7TTN with an ethernet network connection

A Dell desktop computer named DREED-PC with a wireless network connection

A HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 printer hardwired to DESKTOP-4AI7TTN and a wireless connection  to DREED-PC

I can print from both desktops to the HP printer and I can access DESKTOP-4AI7TTN from DREED-PC and vice versa via the remote desktop utility.

What I cannot do is map drives between the two desktops.  When I attempt to do that on either desktop, a "network path not found" message appears.  

Also, when I key in "\\ DESKTOP-4AI7TTN" on DREED-PC or "\\DREED-PC" on DESKTOP-4AI7TTN in their respective "Run" windows, the error code: 0x80070035 and a "The network path was not found" message is produced.

Both desktops are running Windows 10 Pro and they are both able to connect to the Internet.

What could be the cause of these two boxes not being able to see each other?
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