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php to perl


As our internal web server, we are running Apache 1.3.28, PHP 4.3.5, mysql 5.5.27, and Perl 5.6.1.
This was on a 32 bit O/S, Windows 7 Pro. I moved it to a 64 bit O/S, Windows 8.1 Pro.

PHP no longer runs Perl files.
All folders and files are in the same location on the hard drive as on the previous computer.
All are in subfolders of C:\documentroot, which is Shared with Full Control to Everyone.
If I put the information the perl file gets from the php file, into the perl file, I can run the perl file from any location in C:\documentroot.

All other php files run as expected.
Why does the php file no longer run the perl file?

--Here is the php file, which runs the perl file.



print "<html><body>";
system('perl C:\documentroot\perl\inventory_reports\IP_Summit.pl 6003 ip_summit');

print "</body></html>";


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