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Powershell Delete items older than question

I have a powershell script that removes files inside a folder older than a certain number of days. It works on some files and not others and I cannot figure out why it won't delete certain files. Here is the script.
$OlderThan = (get-date).AddDays(-2) #Change number to whatever is necessary
$ParentFolder = "redacted" #Change to necessary Directory

get-childitem $ParentFolder -recurse | where {$_.lastwritetime -lt $olderthan} |% {Remove-Item $_.FullName -force -Recurse} 

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So the wierd part is if I run the first part of the script...It does list all the files I expect to be deleted. But when I run the entire thing with the -WhatIf switch, it only will delete one of the files. Please see the below image   powershell snippet

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