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Configure SMTP auth?

I'm trying to get an app working on a web server. The app uses the phpMailer class, a class I have been using for years on a huge variety of web servers.

The server the customer want's to use, there network tech gives me this:

"I do have a code you can use to send out attachments. Since you said the emails did work before I enabled the SMTP on the server, I went ahead and disabled so you can test this out again. We can leave it disabled but using the default server address can cause issues with the email deliverability unless you can configure SMTP auth on your app. Is that a possibility ?"

For some reason, the normal phpMailer class does not work there, I am guessing because he has SMTP disabled. I don't know why.

Attached is a very simple test email I set up to run on this server, it fails with: Mailer Error: SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: richardkorts@gmail.

Can someone tell me what "configure SMTP auth on your app" means? Using php?

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