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How to restore a VM from copied VM folder

ESXI 6.0 Free version.

I am looking for a way to backup and restore a VM without spending an extra money (boss request). I only need to save 1 VM (old accounting server). I have figured out how to go into the data store and copy the VM folders to a folder on my workstation. I have two XP workstation VM's that I am using as tests.

After the copy,I have deleted 1 workstation VM which removed all of the files associated with it. Now I am trying to figure out how to restore it. I do have the VMDK and VMX files (actually the the entire folder) on my desktop. I tried to do an upload back into the data store but this doesn't appear to do anything, I also tried to create a new VM with Vsphere but can't find a way to have it look at an external folder to import the VMDK or VMX file.

If I lost this workstation it is OK, as there is another to work with before being down to the server I want to save. I think I am dancing around the solution. Alternatively I am going to setup Hyper V on one of my windows servers and see if I can import in to that and then back that up.

Thank you for any help or direction.
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Thank you for the information, I will read it now and let you know how it goes.
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I want to thank Andrew for his help. This worked like a charm. I am now in the process of getting HyperV installed so I can install the VM there as well.