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iscsi nested esxi.

setting up a nested esxi lab to do some testing and learning.  I have a dell R720 xd with dual 8 core CPU and 128 GB RAM. 6 x 300gb 10k SaS drives in RAID 10. I created four esxi virtual machines and have them stored on the local datastore. They will all be in a cluster with one as dedicated spare  I then was planning on configuring the nested esxi hosts to connect to an iscsi san where the test virtual machines would be stored.  I however was thinking about if it was necessary to have the local storage for the nested hyperviors or i could just put them on a LUN on the san. So the host would have an iscsi connection to the LUN with the hypervisors, then the hypervisors would be set up with iscsi back to the same SAN where the vm’s are.  Would that be overkill and have a heavy impact on iscsi performance? The only reasoning i had behind it was to a. not have local storage, b. have the hypervisors on the SAN that is snapshot and replicated periodically.

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