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Outlook e-mail does not load images, opening as website saves the file as MHT

I received an e-mail where the images are not downloading, tried opening using the web browser and it keeps on saving the file as an MHT. trying to open the file using internet explorer keeps prompting to save the file. Cannot choose other browsers to open and internet explorer is the default application selected for this extension.

Windows 10
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It's only one email? All other emails are totally fine? In such a case I'd be inclined to just deletet that email, too fishy.

If it's ALL the emails, and it's Outlook, I'd do a full Office repair (first quick, if that doesn't help, then full).
MHT = an MHTML Web Archive file that can hold HTML files, images, animation, audio, and other media content. That's why it tries to open in IE. Can you change the default browser for this extension?
Also, you can convert it into HTML if you need it.
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Phillip Lui

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