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Specs for new server


I self administer a small office with one Server Essentials and five Pcs with Windows 10.

My local data storage level is about 190 gb at moment with a server capacity of 500gb.

The server is Fujitsu five years old but working OK.

I want to upgrade the server to a more modern one and I have in mind a raid 1 two disk set up of about 1000gb per disk.

I have looked at the usual suspects, Dell and HP but not fujitsu again, although their build quality seems good.
For Pcs I have used PC Specialists, a UK form that I have used and been impressed with, for PCs.

They also offer to construct servers and I wondered at the wisdom of this, to steer away from the crowd.

They are offering to fit SSDs amongst the options.

I wondered specifically whether you have any views on SSDs for servers and generally on my proposition to go away from Dell/HP/ Fujitsu.

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...and yes, I can see there is a difference between Enterprise level SSDs and consumer SSDs.
For just 4 users and simple file/print a microserver will do, for example. Make sure you download all the latest updates just before warranty expires with HPE though as they restrict access to new BIOS after that.
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I work with mostly small businesses in the same boat. Just as an alternative, if you are only using the server for storing files, what about using a NAS. I have had good success with Synology You can get into this for $300 to $500. The cost will less than a server and the maintenance is easier as well.

I have a couple offices that are doing their best to take their local server out of the equation using Microsoft365 and GSuite. I know that is a whole other discussion.

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