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Update website from a desktop application

Seeking guidance on uploading/update website database

I have a desktop application/software developed in Visual Basic.net.  This application is supposed to regularly supply information to a website for reporting and review purposes.

Help tell me if my plan is good or i should have a better way of implementing this

Website is built in JAVA (Servlet,JSP on Tomcat and mysql)

This is how I plan to do it.

a. Desktop (database is in access)
   1. Get all new records or updates from the desktop database since last last data upload.
   2. Transform identified records into an XML format file.
   3.Upload the XML file to the website using FTP and the software

b.server/website (database is in MYSQL)
    1.identifies all new and un extracted xml files
    2.Extract XML files to mysql database
    3. generate reports

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