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How do I recover a drive that is bit lcoker encrypted without the key?

I have a second SSD on my laptop. I removed it today and reset the C drive to HP factory defaults, Once WIndows 10 Pro was all reloaded and updated i reinstalled the second SSD and in explorer they are shwoing a being bit locked and when I try to open them I am asked to enter a bit locker key! I don't recall turning on bit locker but it seems i must of back in 2018. is there any way to recover the data on this SSD?
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There is no way unless
-you have an image backup of c:
-you are unaware of recovery keys present in your cloud drive (or printed out, eventually) 
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I made a VM of C drive but its on the encrypted disk!
Where in my MS account would the keys be?
"Where in my MS account would the keys be? " - did you look at the link? is the address
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Ok, great! Where was it?