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Return variables using procedure/function in events in MS-Access

Normally if I want to do something with an event in a control on a form I use "[Event procedure]" and handle it in VBA. So somthing like Private Sub SomeControl_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) is handled in VBA and the Cancel variable is set there. The control then reacts to the new value of the cancel-variable. Works great.

Now I have a situation where a control is added dynamically on a form. I don't create any VBA but I do set (in design): SomeControl.OnBeforeUpdate = '=GeneralHandler()'

In that public call I then use screen.activecontrol to act on it.

But is it possible to give return values back? So if GeneralHandler() decides that the beforeUpdate should be cancelled, how do I  return this variable so that the controls acts in a normal behaviour.

It is not only an issue with BeforeUpdate. Even more with NotInList and all other events with return variables.

Suggestions how to do that?
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