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Windows 2016 Server - DFS Replication - Not to replicate back to Primary Server

Hello All;

DFS Management - Replication
Connections Tab
List all the connected servers, and how they are joined for replication.
My issue is this.

About 6-months ago, I had an issue with one of the secondary servers.
In this process, this server (Server-05) updated ALL the servers, and all of a sudden, all sites are down, and I am scratching my head trying to figure out WHY, and then I found it.
All files were gone on all 5 servers. Thank goodness for backups.
I DO NOT want anything like this to happen again.

What I have done is selected Server-01 (Primary Server)
And [Disabled] it within all the [Sending Member] Groups.
They are still updating Server-01? how, and why?
If it is disabled, it SHOULD NOT be getting updates.
(My test is this. I put a file on Server-01, it appears on the other servers. I delete the file from one of the other servers, and it deletes from ALL including, Server-01)

However, this causes the following Warning to pop up.

The topology is not fully connected. View disconnected members. The replication group will not function correctly unless you correct this problem.

Is there any possible way to make it work without having Server-01 in the other groups being updated?
Pretty much, what I would LOVE is to have Server-01 to be one-direction.
Server-01 updates all, but they cannot update it.

I tried doing [Hub and spoke]
Which has Server-01 feeding the rest.
And then it created 4 other groups to allow them to feed Server-01.
So, that is not going to work.

Thank you.
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