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AADConnect: Upgrade Question

Hi Everyone

I would like to know your experience when upgrading the version of Azure AD Connect.

I'm planning to upgrade Azure AD connect from version ->
Our Environment
- We use ADFS 3.0 and we have Out-Of-the-Box Synchronisation Rules.
- We alsoSynchronisae only specified OU's + We synchronised based on a specific Attribute defined in the out of the box rules

I read alread following article:

But still have few questions before i run the upgrade:

1. As we have Out-Of-the-Box synchronisation rules should I export them first bfore run the msi and then will I need to import them again? Its not clear for me form the article
2. Do i need to make a SQL Backup before running the MSI?

Or is the installtion pretty much straight forward and it keep all the settings we have. The procedures i was thinking to follow is

1. Backup Out of the Box rules
2. Do a VM Snapshot
3. Backup SQL if possible
4. Stop Synchronization Service
5. Run msi from a accunt which has access to ADFS
6. Check if synchronization rules are in place
7. Start Synchronisation service

Let me know what experience you had.
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