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Is there a way you can code Excel VB for a macro to enter data to next empty cell to the right of an ActiveCell

The Macro is set with Individual records located in Column A.

The macro goes through each individual record and collects data.

The issue that i'm having is inputting the data into back onto the worksheet.

I would like the macro to be able to enter the data into the next cell to the right of the activecell. The problem is that it could be 1 piece of data or 20, but just need it to stay in that row and keep entering to the next empty cell until completed. Then it will go to the next record and do the same process again, so basically looping until all records are done in Column A.

So if the record is on ActiveCell "A3" I am looking to have it enter into B3, C3, D3,etc.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciate.
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