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Why does cyren.com have the authority to blacklist?

Hi everone,

We just spin up a new data center and the provider told us that they are giving us a block of IP that has never been used by anyone before. I began my work by spinning up a few basic infrastructure stuffs... one of which is SMTP. Immediately on my first outbound email test, my /var/log/maillog told me my IP was blacklisted by cyren.com. I filed a "False Positive" report and immediately got delisted.

Now, two weeks later... we got blacklisted again and the false positive report once again got me delisted immediately. I've gone around and checked... it seems lots of people are in the same situation, some of whom are blacklisted so frequently that they had to use mxtoolbox.com to monitor their blacklist situation. What's alarming is that none of the victims have ever been able to get an explanation about why they are blacklisted.

My question is: We do not recognize Cyren's authority. Why does it have the ability to blacklist us and interrupt our business operations? Isn't there any governing authority to work with cyren on their poor business reputation? Or better yet, just shutdown that company because all they do is interrupting other companies' business.

What good is a blacklist if you file a report and immediately got delisted? They have absolutely zero followup. Simply fill out a form on their website and got delisted.
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