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relocating / clearing default domain from an on prem exchange 2016 server

we have a single exchange 2016 server which we installed with a single accepted domain initially.

we added 4 additional domains and all worked well.

for a number of reasons we have moved our primary (initial) domain to the cloud running office 365.

we now have a problem sending from one of the remaining domains to the relocated cloud domain, where it is saying the email address cannot be found.

i am assuming that email sent from our local on prem domain is still trying to be delivered to the on prem exchange server.

i wanted to remove the domain in question from the accepted domains listed on our in prem ecp.

however, when i try to do this i am told :-

cant remove the domain domain.com because it its referenced in an email address policy by the proxy address template ‘smtp:%g.%s@domain.com’

can anyone advise how we go about clearing the old domain name from our local exchange server so mail can flow from our remaining domains to the one relocated into the cloud ie domain.com

any advice much appreciated.


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8/22/2022 - Mon