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How can I copy one field to another field in SharePoint?

I ask this question because I think it will be good for the books. Let's say I have a list. As we all know, every list in SharePoint has a Title. We all want to manipulate the Title, but what if we just want to have a Power Automate workflow that will copy the "Name" to the "Title". We want this to happen on a manual process because we do not always want that to be true. So I add a document, it gathers the name I give it but the Title is blank. I want a way after the fact to select the item, run a flow, and copy the name of the "Name" to the "Title". Nice little workflow but very common.
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Nintex or non-Nintex?
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non-nintex but way over complicated in your perception. In every document list there is a “Name” column and a “Title” column. I want to create an action on the list item where I can run a flow to copy the value of “Name” to “Title”. It would show in the line item detail "..." as a action. I could select the item and chose the flow I created to make the field copy. I know it's very easy to do via quick edit but I want to do more advanced steps and this would be the first.
OK, I have done this trivia steps on my development SharePoint but I cannot show you my screenshot because it is in German language.

Basicaly it is easy to do in SharePoint Designer.
On SharePoint web page we can only use predifened workflows or create new Nintex workflows.

In SharePoint Designer you open your Custom list and click in the first left ribbon section to create new Workflow.
Then you assign a workflow name, descript and platform type (SharePoint version).
Designer opens the first step dialog.
Click on the input line and enter: Item
When you click Enter button then you get a list of operation possible for Item.
Select either "Set field in current item" or "Update item"
You select first the target field name: Title
For the value you select your source field from current item:  Name

Save the workflow and test it.

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